Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Me, My Husband and His Other Woman (Soccer)

Never crossed my mind that I would live such life. I hate soccer and I married a soccer journalist. What an irony. I must swallow the fact that all the income in my family comes from soccer, indeed.

Since I don't work, I just have to deal with the working hour of my husband's job. Going out to the office in the afternoon and then coming back home in the middle of the night is our daily routine. I have to praise God for this one, actually. That means my husband can help me with the kids during day. He's the one who takes my son to school in the morning while I have to take care of our baby daughter. Then before he goes out to work, he'd pick up my son first from school. It's absolutely a bless.

I have no complain at all but two things about his job. He loves his job. He loves soccer, that's for sure. And it's not my complain actually. In fact, I must once again thank god that he has job that he loves to do. How many people get the rare opportunity in life? Mostly people goes to work and doing jobs that they don't like at all. The fact that they must make money that make them go to work everyday. Not my husband. He loves watching soccer games all the time. Sometimes I have to quarrel with him and almost fighting when I want to watch Desperate Housewife and he wants to watch the game. He would say that this is important for his job. Well, what can I say then. Money talks! Haha...I have to let go...sigh... That's my first complain.

The second one is whenever there is a big match event, as a senior editor on his work, a soccer newspaper in Indonesia, he would almost always get the chance to visit the venue. In Indonesia? I would not complain if it is. But when it's held in europe or south africa, can I just sit steady and say nothing? I want to go too!

This is so unfair! I never visit Europe my whole life, and I spend most of my life dreaming of it. And then all of the sudden, he got the chance so easily to visit Milan in Italy and Paris in France on 2005. It was for the Champion League if I'm not mistaken. I asked him whether I can go with him. Of course he said no. It's not our money which takes him there, it's the company's. If I want to go too, that means we have to pay on our own. Dream on, girl. But the most powerful reason he used that time was I couldn't just leave my son (he was 2 years old at that time) with my parents. I couldn't argue more.

And then the last one was for the Confederation Cup in South Africa. His office sent him once again. And the time is also so 'perfect' because I just gave birth to my second child. He knew I was so upset, because he has to go on his own, without me. While I'm the one in the family that always dreaming to visit other countries. Once again, I AM SO JEALOUS!

He always got the chance to have honeymoon with his other woman, soccer. Sucks!

Well, whatever...I still thank God because God always gives my family, my husband particularly, a good job and he loves it. I wish...I just wish, I could go with him some other time. He can watch the soccer, while I will wander around the country by myself. I wouldn't mind at all. Hahaha...