Kamis, 08 April 2010

My Daughter Is A Copy Machine

Hahahaaa...this is so cute!!!
My little baby girls, 18mos, is sooooo smart. She's like a copy machine. Everything that everyone said she would repeat them herself. And when she did it more than three days, she would know how or when the words should apply.
Last month I told her : "No, Safina...don't put your toy into your mouth. It's dirty (jorok)!"
And the she started to repeat my word. "Jowok...jowok..jowok.." she said.
And a week later she saw my hairbrush full of my hair. She said to me, "Jowok!" and pointed to the brush. It's amazing! ^_^
Yesterday she got money from my wallet and handed to me then said, "Pak!". I was confuse what she meant by 'Pak'. I kept telling her it's 'uang' not 'pak'. But she kept saying 'Pak' and handed the money to me like she was paying for something that she bought. Ding ding ding! The bell's ringing in my head. Oh my God, she was pretending to be me while I was paying for drinks that I bought. She was seeing the particular scene almost everyday when I was driving my son to school. I always call the guy who sell the drink with 'Pak' and then I hand the money to him. Hahahaa...
Love you so much, pretty little princess!!! ^_^

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