Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

tranquility and rejuvenate

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when do you think you need them desperately? and what is exactly on your mind when you hear those words? spa in some kind of luxurious resort? getting a back massage in a log cabin on the mountain? having a sunbath on the beach? can you guess what's my tranquility and rejuvenating moment? ;)

tranquility and rejuvenate, two words that seems missing from my daily dictionary. i can hardly remember when was the last time i had tranquility and a rejuvenating moment in the last ten years of my life. there's always hectic and chaotic day with my kids. i often felt that an hour of silence would be nice to cool down the heat inside my head.

then one day i actually got that particular hour. guess what, i didn't get those two words either! i kept thinking about my kids at my parent's house. i kept thinking was there anything wrong with them? i kept thinking whether they had eaten their lunch or not.

and suddenly i missed those little rascals who always managed to make my house like a war zone. so i rushed to see them. and when i saw their faces again, do you know what i felt? i felt tranquility and a rejuvenating moment at once! hahaaa, so much for seeking the 'me' time, when that time is actually when i am with them.


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