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[Swap Blog] My Sexy Girlfriend

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Udah hampir habis bulan Oktober dan ini partner Swap Blog saya untuk bulan ini. Cewek ini dikenal dengan nama Gelato Traveler. Cek blognya yang keren, kamu bakal tahu kenapa dia menamakan dirinya begitu. ^_^

Dan tema bulan ini yang diberikan oleh Tukang Minggat emang bener-bener, deh: I'm Sexy and I Know It! -_- Mau nulis apaan gue soal seksi-seksian? Ah, ntar aja dipikirin, sekarang baca-baca aja dulu apa kata Gelato tentang seksi. :D

Gosh, I didn’t know what was in the head of our Swap Blog Leader this month, TukangMinggat! Well, as the theme of the month is “I’m sexy and I know it!”.Errr, honestly I don’t think, feel, neither seem that I am sexy at all. Nonetheless, in order to fulfill my chance to leave a souvenir on EmakGaoel’s blog, I chose the best person who can describe my sexiness (from his point of few).
So yeah, I’m Gelato Traveler- traveler who’s crazy about ice cream- gave mandate to my perfect travelmate (more story about our journey, you can check it out on our blog, YouthGoTravel), the only one Jacknass Travelera.k.a my ice cream supplier. 

My Sexy Girlfriend!

My girlfriend is smart giving this essay theme for me, her boyfriend – Jacknass Traveler. Who else knows more about a persons’ sexuality than their spouses. So without any further ado let’s talk about her sexuality. First of all we should define the term “sexy”. For me it’s not just the appearance of the person. The term “sexy” applies to me as a whole conception. Yes the appearance is included in the whole package, along with many other things like character, voice or even manners. Let’s talk about them and about Mia. The first time meeting her and having a chance to interact with her, for me, she looked like the cutest person in the whole world, and for me it’s really sexy. The cheeky smile, childish giggling, clumsy movement and innocent flirting (well at least I thought she was flirting:) ) worked like an aphrodisiac for me. All these attributes of appearance (+ a nice smell of fragrance) made me wonder if she is perfect on the inside, as she looks from the outside. The next step of course would be a date – there I truly wanted to see her true personality, and it was jackpot! She became even sexier and sexier for me, by every word or idea she would tell me, every joke or laugh we would share – her sexual appeal to me grew stronger and stronger. I wanted her! I like smart girls, and Mia definitely met up my standards. I would give you more details, why Mia is very sexy for me, but it is too personal and too N-18 (if you know what I mean) :) In my mind the appearance of a personis pretty important to attract attention and it is important thing in the early phase of a relationship, but gradually it fades out, and the real sexy things lies in the character and the“inside” of a person. It is a very subjective thing to talk about. Some things from my perspective look totally different to other guys, so the concept of “sexy” is different as well. All I can say that my girlfriend, for me, is a perfect mixture of both– “inside” and “outside” sexual appeal :) I know that she’s sexy and I tell that to her every day, but still she doesn’t admit that she’s sexy. :D

I hope that what Jacknass Traveler wrote doesn’t make you suffocated or regurgitate ;). Thanks again to EmakGaoelfor this opportunity!!! And I wonder, what will be the theme of Swap Blog for next month…

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  1. Mia, you're so lucky for having a boyfriend who finds out the inner sexiness of yours! ^^

  2. hihi, i'm thankful for that :D