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Do You Think You're Beautiful?

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I have decided that at least once a week I write blog post in English. Because something came up last week. I had an awakening conversation with my so-english-speaking-knows-everything-daughter, Safina. She was drawing a cat and I reminded her not to forget to draw the mustache. And quickly she corrected me that cats don't have mustache. I was pretty sure that they do, until she said, "Cats don't have mustache, Mom! They have whiskers." Bam! She knows more than I do. -_- Oh, well ....

So, back to topic. Here's the big question for you all today: Do you think you're beautiful? How many of you that will answer this question without hesitating and say, "Yes, I am beautiful!" And how many of you that will answer with soft whispering voice, "Umm, I don't know ... maybe? I don't know!" Or how many of you will just simply say with the thought that it's not even important to answer, "No, I don't think I'm beautiful! So what?"

The reason I asked you this big question is because of this video.

Do you find it amazing how those beautiful women decided to walk to The Average Door and not choosing The Beautiful Door? My   friend said, it's hard to be a woman because we're living under labels. Beautiful, average, big size, slim, tall, small, dark skin, white skin, big eyes, small eyes, long hair, short hair, etc, etc. Nobody knows who found these labels and why they're not really matter to men as much as to women? 

And my next question would be, "Why do women think that they have to decide which labels they're under?" Why are we thinking that it's important to pick one label out of two or more. If all women think that they are beautiful, we won't even care about those labels, right? We should stop right at the point, "I am beautiful," and don't go any further with, "But I don't think that people think that I'm beautiful." Because when you get there, there's a chance that you will never stop trying to look beautiful in people's eyes instead of in your own eyes. 

Let's watch this video too. And this one is also a campaign from the same beauty company.

I shamefully admit that I was once like all those women. When someone ask me, "What is it in your body part that if you can, you would change it?" I could easily make a list of my flaws. In fact, it could be a very long list. I wish my nose bla bla bla. I wish my hip bla bla bla. I wish skin bla bla bla. But then I refuse to do that anymore. Because the more I wish about changing my look, the worse I feel about myself. It didn't make me a happier person. And what a nightmare to live in a life that you don't feel good about yourself. I realized, I would hate myself if I continue questioning those artificial matters. 

That particular video even proved that people don't see your flaws. In fact, they only see your beauty. Other can do better job in describing yourself than you do for yourself. So, stop wondering about your flaws. Because firstly, it will make you feel bad about yourself and your life. Secondly, you'll be an ungrateful human being by pointing your flaws when God has been so generous to you.

Despite how ironic the videos were (because in the end, it created a campaign to buy beauty products), I think I learned a very good lesson from them. It is you and only you that can make you feel good about yourself. Not other people, not a bunch of cosmetics products, not a professional stylist. It's you. We own the power for our own happiness. 

I don't deny, I love cosmetics. I love playing around with beauty treatment at home. But I don't want to make them as my primary tools to make me feel good about myself. I don't mind going out without any make-up. If I don't have time, sometimes I picked up my kids from school without taking shower first. (Yeah, beautiful lady can be lazy too once in a while. LOL).

Let me ask you another question. How many time do you spend in front of the mirror, and how many time do you spend thinking about good deeds that you have done today? The more you spend yourself in front of the mirror, the worse you feel. The more you think about good things you did or how many good people you met today, the better you feel. 

So ladies, do you think you're beautiful? There's only one answer and you know what it is. <3

11 komentar:

  1. Yes I'm beautiful ^o^! this post is indeed a great motivator for all women out there who always feel not confident about their own body and face ;) Regretfully I say, including me as well -_-. Particularly when I compare myself to my hubby's ex girlfriend. Hahahahaha... Now I realize, it's just a silly thing to do. Coz the fact, my husband chooses me to be his wife :D

    Tx for this motivating story Mba :)

    1. hahaha, yup, it's silly because he ended up with you, which means he must think that you're the best for him. :D

  2. Yes I am. Every woman is beautul!!

  3. well, saya rasa saya butuh kamus dengan segera -__-

  4. Yes aiem doonk, ihihihi...
    Beauty is not in the face, it is the light in the heart - Kahlil Gibran
    So, girls, let's be beautiful inside and out :)
    Thanks for reminding, mbak ^^

  5. We're beautiful just the way we are *just like Uncle Bruno Mars said in his song :D. Nice post. Oh, I think those beauty product advertisements are far too racist too... Say, that white skin is better than dark skin. That's nonsense :D

  6. I hardly ever use mirror mak except for heejab preparation and drawing my brow... also seldom combing my hair ahahaha... I never think if I'm beautiful or not coz many people already said and admitted how beautiful I am *plaaaakkkk

    Maktir...aku jadi inget postingan di blog bukuku thn 2013, pernah membahas iklan Dove yg video ke2 tadi mak. Berhubung bahasa enggres pas2an ya pake bahasanya campuran :)

  7. I'm feel beautiful especially when heard that word from my hubby. Feel so beautiful, don't even care everybody say, no matter i'm black or white, slim or fat just enjoy ajjjja as long as my hubby accept me just the way i am, it's make me beautiful. Hehehehe Hidup Beautiful, it's means just the way we are ;)

  8. Errrr.. Terkadang aku terintimidasi dengan wanita lain yang menurut ku jauh lebih cantik Mbak, dan akhirnya aku mengkelaskan diri ku bukan sebagai wanita berparas menarik.. Tapi akhirnya aku sadar kalok semua wanita punya kecantikan tersendiri :D